Pressing These Seven Points On Your Body Will Help You To Loose Weight Faster !

For that perfect body….we spend hours in the gym to burn calories and enhance our metabolism. But the same can be achieved by pressing a few pressure points in our body. It sounds Unbelievable, doesn’t it??!!

Old age therapies… like acupressure and acupuncture are known to cure various ailments without side effects. Every part of your body is connected to these pressure points,pressing which you can cure health problems and even loose weight effectively.

There are seven pressure points, which can quickly help lose weight and increase metabolism, increase energy levels, avoid and reduce fat deposits, and curb your appetite.

So here’s the technique and details to reduce those extra kilos. You can thank us later!!

1) Massage the pressure point on face

By pressure on the pressure point of your face, you will be able to curb your appetite and also control stress. Stress results in weight gain. So reduce your weight by activating this point, 2 times a day and see the difference.

2) Work your intestine better by activating the pressure point on your arms.

Press the points of your arms two to three times a day for a minute and control your body heat! Activate your intestine and regulate all the energy passing through your body.

3) Get rid of extra weight by stimulating the point of longevity.

This point on your leg is also called Zu San Li, a very powerful point. It not only helps digestion, it also curbs and controls inflammatory problems. The best way to feel the point is by covering your left knee with your right palm and vice versa…by doing so you will feel a dent between the end of little and ring finger bones. Massage it nine times clockwise for about 10 mins and avoid doing this before going to bed as it might result in insomnia. Even while doing it, if you feel discomfort, don’t worry as its completely safe.

4) Press this point on your ear and increase metabolism

Apply pressure on this point with your thumb, continuously for three minutes to stimulate metabolism. Do this three times a day and start pulling down extra kilos.

5) Stimulate digestion and strength by pressing this point on your stomach.

This point is three centimeters below your naval. Move your fingers up and down twice a day for two minutes and loose weight faster and increase digestion.

6) Balance your body with a good digestive system thereby aiding weight loss.

This point is located on the inner of your legs, about 2 inches above your ankle. Its good for your spleen and good digestion. Put pressure with your thumb or knuckle for a minute and then reduce pressure slowly.

7) Indigestion, pain in ribs, ulcers and appetite problems will disappear with pressure on this point.

This point is known as ‘ abdominal sorrow point’. Known for curing indigestion and other health issues. This point is located in the line of the ear robe at almost the end of the rib cage. Fold your fingers over this point and apply pressure for about 5 minutes.

Try these seven pressure points and see a remarkable difference in your weight. And share it with your friends if this works for you.

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