How To Use Coconut Oil To Stop Your Hair From Falling Out, Thinning Or Going Gray

People in southern India ingest this oil. Yes, they live a healthy lifestyle.

I will force you to add coconut oil to your diet; however you can topically apply it on skin and hair.

You can’t ignore its beauty benefits.

Only use virgin coconut oil, as it is packed with essential nutrients that your scalp needs. Melt solid coconut oil before using it on your skin or hair.

8 Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil

#1. Hydrates Your Hair

Be it skin or hair, they need to be moisturized regularly.

Recent studies state that massaging with coconut oil will improve moisture absorption to great extent, when compared to other hair products.

It avoids dry scalp, itching and ailments like psoriasis.

Wash your scalp to remove impurities.
Towel to remove moisture.
When the hair is still damp, apply coconut oil over the scalp.
Make sure that you massage your scalp gently.
Allow it to dry naturally.
Rinse it off in the morning.

#2. Prevents Hair Loss

An Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine journal states that coconut oil has been used for hair growth from centuries.

Assorted vitamins in the oil help to strengthen hair follicles and promote its growth.

Mix 2 tbsp of aloe vera gel with required amount of coconut oil.
Apply the mixture on prewashed scalp.
Wrap your head with a cap.
Rinse it off in the morning.

#3. Avoid Grey Hair

Anti-aging abilities packed in coconut oil and olive oil can help to prevent premature aging signs.

Apart from that regular application of this oil will make your hair black and strong.

Mix coconut oil with olive oil or hibiscus rosa sinensis.
Apply it on your hair and rinse it off with water after 15 minutes.
You can skip other oils and try coconut oil.

#4. Avoid Dry and Frizzy Hair

Dry and brittle hair is main reason behind frizzy hair.

Hydrating ability exhibited by coconut oil can avoid this cosmetic issue.

Initially wash your hair to avoid pain.
Apply coconut oil mixed with olive oil on your curly hairs.
Allow it to dry naturally for overnight.
Rinse it off in the morning.

#5. Reduce Dandruff

Antibacterial and anti-dandruff abilities packed in coconut oil can help you out.

Its moisturizing property avoids dryness and other ailments like eczema and psoriasis.

Apply coconut oil over the scalp and wrap your head with cap.
Rinse it off in the morning.
You can initially cleanse your scalp with lemon juice and then rinse it off with water before applying coconut oil.

#6. Remove Lice

Products available in the local market that are touts to kill lice include harsh chemicals.

Instead, you can rinse hair with apple cider vinegar and then apply coconut oil for moisturizing.

#7. Repair Damaged Hair

Vitamins and hydrating abilities housed in coconut oil strengthens your hair from its root.

Lauric acid and other essential fatty acids residing in this oil supply essential nutrients for hair strands to make it stronger.

#8. Detangles Hair

Apply coconut oil regularly and it will avoid tangles.

Did you ever try coconut oil for hair?

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