This 3 Ingredient Eye Cream Will Reduce Wrinkles & Make You Feel 5 Years Younger

Wrinkles are folds, ridges, or creases in the skin which are considered as one of the first signs of aging.  Factors which affect when and where people will develop them include smoking, sun damage, some medications, environmental factors, genetic factors, and dehydration.

Typically, wrinkles appear in the body parts which are the most exposed to sunlight, particularly the face, back of the hands and arms, and the neck.

The skin goes under three major changes during the aging process:

  • The skin cells divide more slowly, which causes the dermis layer to thin out
  • The deepest layer of the skin loosens, which in turn affect each layer
  • The oil gland shrinks, which reduces the protection this oil gives to our skin

Overexposure to sunlight may facilitate the natural process of aging.  The detrimental UV rays from the sun cause damage to the college. The body responds by rebuilding collagen fibers and releases free radicals at the same time. This causes further damage to the cells and this is the reason why you should use sunscreen regularly!

As mentioned in the very beginning, other factors which contribute to premature wrinkles include smoking, environmental factors, and exposure to toxins. Exercising, eating a whole foods diet, and quitting smoking are some of the things you need to do if you are to keep your skin healthy.

First and foremost, you need to quit the bad habits which are causing the wrinkles in the first place. In other words, you need to restore healthy oils on the skin, supply the skin with antioxidants, and include anti-inflammatory ingredients, if needed.

The recipe below calls for three simple ingredients which do just that:

  • Vitamin E works as an amazing antioxidant which helps fight off free radicals
  • Coconut oil hydrates the skin and possesses anti-inflammatory properties
  • Thyme essential oil is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent which has been shown to firm skin


  • 2 units Vitamin E (squeezed from capsules)
  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil
  • 2 drops thyme essential oil


  • Mix all the ingredients and massage the mixture under the eyes, making sure it doesn’t get into your eyes. 
  • Do this an hour before bedtime on a regular basis.


  • Essential oils are highly concentrated and need to be kept out of reach of children, the elderly, and pets.
  • Make sure they don’t get into your eyes and in case they do, wash out with olive oil.
  • Since they are very potent, they may cause irritation in those with sensitive skin. 
  • Make sure you do a patch test prior using it.
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