How to Get Rid of Love Handles in Only 3 Weeks

Waist fat is not only unsightly, but it also gives us a great psychological discomfort and presents a risk to our health. As you have more fat in the waist area, the risks of developing heart disease or diabetes are also higher.

Some people store excess fat on the waist because of cortisol, a hormone that increases every time the stress is installed.

The good news is that fat deposits in the abdominal area can be melted more easily than those on thighs or buttocks, regardless of your body shape.

Follow these tips for 3 weeks to get rid of love handles and to keep your silhouette for a longer period of time:

Say goodbye to sweets
Everyone knows that sweets fatten, so you should not wonder why you have a thick waist if you eat sweets. Whether they are made at home, whether they are purchased from the bakeries, cakes “help” you gain weight. Same happens with candy, chocolate (except the black), creamy ice cream, biscuits. How to satisfy your sweets need? Simply: by eating fruits.

Eat more salads and healthy fats
When you prepare a salad, get used to add some flax seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds or walnuts. These foods contain healthy fats that give you energy and maintain good bowel movements. Also, the salad will be transformed into a nourishing one and you will not feel the need to eat again for a long period of time.

Melt the fat with a massage
Anti-cellulite massage will improve your skin’s appearance and will stimulate circulation. Use essential oils of grapefruit, oregano, lemon and black pepper to stimulate circulation and to melt fat deposits. Apply twice daily to the skin and massage.

Have fun with hula hoop
There is a way to relax, but also a method that aims to find the chest and waist. Large circles are easier to use because you can spin more slowly. Do not lose balance. Move your waist circular.

Do the air cycling
This exercise works the exact problem areas. In addition, it tones your tummy. Sit back on a hard area, lift your torso and legs in the air and support yourself with your hands. Then start pedaling in the air.
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