Here Are 10 Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure Without Medications!!!

High blood pressure affects about a quarter of the world’s adult population, and it is often the cause of severe health complications. If your blood pressure has a tendency to be higher, but you still do not want to take medication, try some natural ways to keep it within reasonable limits.


  • Being overweight is one of the main prerequisites for increased blood pressure.
  • For the determination of the healthy weight, the Body Mass Index (BMI) is used, based on a weight-to-weight ratio.
  • Studies have shown that people with BMI values above 30 have a double risk of developing hypertension.
  • The optimal BMI is 25, and values above it are a warning signal that should not be underestimated.


  • Regular walks help reduce blood pressure, and surveys show that during everyday movement within about half an hour, the upper limit drops by about eight points and the lower one – by about six.
  • Regular exercise maintains heart health, helping it to pump more blood with less effort.
  • Start a new habit and walk for at least thirty minutes every day, whether that’s walking to work or parking the car further away from the office – it’s all up to you.


  • Of course, it’s not just any tea.
  • As you know, black tea contains ingredients that can increase blood pressure.
  • A perfect helper against hypertension is hibiscus tea.
  • New research shows that three cups of tea a week for one month help bring lower blood pressure by about 6 points – an effect where traditional methods rely on medications and pills.


  • It is well-known that a lot of salt is consumed in our daily lives – much more than the beneficial dose.
  • It is frightening that the average salt intake is about three times higher than the healthy limit.
  • Salt contains sodium, which is terrible for people prone to hypertension.
  • The primary source of salt in your menu is from processed and preserved products.
  • So read the labels carefully and try to choose the foods that are noted to be low in sodium.
  • Of course, it is best to limit such foods to a minimum.


  • This chemical compound can be defined as the “antidote” against sodium, as it naturally regulates heart rhythm and blood pressure.
  • Scientists observed patients who suffered from hypertension and divided them into two groups.
  • The first group consumed regular food and the second was on a diet enriched with potassium.
  • After one year, there was a significant improvement in blood pressure values in 81% of the patients who consumed more potassium.


  • Slow, calm breathing is exceptionally beneficial for the body.
  • It is no coincidence that meditation during yoga focus on breathing techniques.
  •  It has been proven that proper breathing not only reduces the levels of hormone stress in the blood, but it also restricts the production of the renin enzyme, which is one of the culprits for high blood pressure.
  • Try to take your breathing exercises twice a day for at least five minutes each – after waking up in the morning and at bedtime.
  • Take a deep and slow your breathing so you can feel it filling up your lungs.
  • Then exhale slowly, making sure you do not think of anything to get rid of evil thoughts and unnecessary tension.


  • A study by British scientists has shown that patients with high blood pressure who drink about a glass of beet juice a day enjoy excellent results in the fight against hypertension.
  • Its values fall within the next 24 hours after drinking the amount as mentioned above of juice.
  • This is because a red beet is literally full of healthy vitamins and minerals.
  • If you do not like the taste of the drink, just add carrot juice to it.


  • Caffeine narrows blood vessels, thus directly increase blood pressure.
  • It was found that 500 mg. of caffeine increases blood pressure by an average of 4 points, and if you take it in the morning, the effect lasts almost all day long.
  • And if you drink your coffee later, the values will be slightly elevated at night.


  • It is scientifically proven that the coenzyme Q10, which you can find in pharmacies, helps to lower and normalize blood pressure.
  • It speeds up the metabolism in the body and charges the cells with extra energy.


  • A group of scientists did an experiment involving 28 patients with high blood pressure.
  • All of them took medications, but half were instructed to listen to quiet, soothing music for a half an hour each day while trying to focus on slow and relaxed breathing.
  • Within a week, patients in this group lowered their blood pressure by an average of about three points, and a month later by a little over 4!
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