The Top 10 Alkaline Foods on the Planet (Eat more to prevent cancer, obesity and heart disease)

The acidity level of any substance is measured by its pH value. Water has a pH near 7, which is neutral. Substances which have pH larger than 7 are considered alkaline, and those under 7 are acids. Scientists have found many benefits of alkaline foods. This is not surprising, as the pH of our blood and some other bodily fluids is also slightly alkaline (around 7.4). However, most of the nutrients we intake on a daily basis are low in alkaline elements, so our diet is mostly acid. This affects many organs and organ systems, and can contribute to the development of many diseases, such as cancer, obesity, heart disease, and kidney stones. This can be prevented by focusing on mainly alkaline foods, and there are plenty of them in the nature. Here are some of the best choices.

Avocado is well-known among people who take a good care of their health. It has many important nutrients, such as vitamins (folate, B6, B12), minerals (potassium), dietary fibers, and healthy fats. The high level of potassium is mainly responsible for the alkaline properties of avocado. Researchers have confirmed that regular intake of avocado decreases the risk of cancer, and cardiovascular disease, and also helps with weight loss.

There are numerous recipes for meals made of broccoli. It is really easy to prepare and it can be very tasty. Broccoli is listed among the most alkaline foods on the planet. It has high potassium levels, dietary fibers, C vitamin, and very low caloric content, so it is perfect for persons who are on calorie-restrictive diets.

Besides being a strong natural antimicrobial agent with pronounced antioxidant and antiaging properties, garlic is also a very alkaline vegetable. It is one of the most potent foods when it comes to general positive effect on human health, as it provides protection to the cardiovascular system, lowers cholesterol levels, and has many more, not yet fully investigated health benefits.

The tomato is very widely used, but not many people know its health benefits. It is also a very alkaline food, and has a low caloric content. Besides that, tomato contains lycopene – a bright red herbal pigment, which has a similar structure and biological function to vitamin A.

Something about kale is very interesting. It is one of the rare foods that has almost zero fat content. It is very rich in dietary fibers, and also in minerals, such as magnesium, which gives it the alkaline properties. Including kale in your diet on a regular base is very beneficial, because of its antioxidant activities and the ability to improve the elimination of toxins from the human organism.

Soy nuts
Soy nuts are alkaline and they are different from the above listed foods because of their high fat content. Those are of course, mostly healthy fats. However, if you want to make your diet more alkaline, you should be careful with soy products. Although raw soy nuts are alkaline, soy milk, and other processed soy products are highly acid, because of the ways they are prepared and additives.

Cucumber is found in salad recipes, and even in some drinks and cocktails. It is a very alkaline vegetable rich in potassium.

Alkaline Water
Due to recognized health benefits of alkaline substance intake, you can even find alkaline water brands on the market. Some of them even have a pH value up to 9. Scientists are still discussing whether there are significant health benefits in replacing neutral drinking water with this highly alkaline water.

One of the most commonly recommended vegetables in persons with an iron deficit is spinach, but other than high iron content, spinach also contains C vitamin and high concentration of dietary fibers. It is also an alkaline nutrient and you can include it in your diet in many different forms.

Another plant rich in potassium, and consequently a great source of alkaline content is cabbage. In some cultures, cabbage is used a lot, and preparation of almost any meal cannot be imagined without it. Western civilizations, however, should increase the intake of cabbage for its well-known health benefits.


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