7-Day Cucumber Diet That Drops Pounds Very Fast

If you want to lose weight, but if you cannot or you do not want to make significant changes in your diet, you should at least try this simple, but powerful diet with cucumbers. In just 7 to 10 days, you will notice significant drop in your weight. However, you have to be physically active on a daily basis to encourage the weight loss.

The Cucumber Diet

This diet is based on cucumber and you can eat is as much as you want, but you should consume it the most when you are really hungry. Cucumbers are known to stimulate weight loss because they speed up the metabolism, cleanse the whole body, aid the digestion, and detoxify the intestines.

Since they are mostly water, they will help your body remove the surplus amounts of water and trigger a complete detox, i.e. you will no longer have skin-related problems like acne. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of store-bought facial masks, as well as homemade ones, contain or are based on cucumber.

The Cucumber Meal Plan


Low-fat yogurt

200 grams of sliced cucumbers

Preparation: Mix these two ingredients well and if you are especially hungry, add two slices of peach or apple as well.


One large plate of cucumber salad

Slice of dried bread

You can also opt for these ingredients from time to time:

2 potatoes

300 grams of fresh fruits

Tea or coffee without sugar

Boil the potatoes or bake them and combine them with slices of whole-wheat bread and sliced cucumber. As a snack, cut some fresh fruit and make a fruit salad and you can also drink sugarless coffee or tea.

Additional lunch options:

3 slices of whole wheat bread/2 potatoes

150 grams of tuna/2 eggs or 15 grams of while meat


You can combine the bread or potatoes with tuna and sliced cucumbers. If you do not want tuna, you can grill some white meat without oil and combine it with boiled eggs.

Snack-Cucumber Shake
To prepare the beverage, you will need:

A handful of spinach

20 grams of walnuts and almonds

An apple



Preparation: Add the apple, spinach, and cucumber into a blender (do not peel them) and then add some ground ginger and continue blending for several more minutes. Transfer the mixture into a glass and decorate it with few almonds and walnuts. This smoothie is rich in vitamins A, K, B, E, and fiber, iron, and magnesium.


300 grams of any fruit

Chop the fruit to make a salad.
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