Baking Soda And Castor Oil Solves Over 24 Issues

The castor oil treats many health issues and over the years it proved to cure many health problems. Science today checks all these proven benefits and this might even help in over 24 issues.

Castor is gotten from the plant Ricinus Communis that has 50% of the oil. Also these properties are due to the ricinoleic acid. The seeds are toxic though but the oil is not.

Ancient Egyptians were the first to use this oil for health. mostly this was used as purge and for delivery too. Also it made blood flow better and was used for many beauty purposes too.

To make better blood flow and remove pain in joints, apply castor with a compress. The compress will allow better absorption of the oil and its benefits. It is simple, yet effective.

Clean gauze or towel

Paper kitchen film (plastic)

Hot water bottle

Clean the area with some water and baking soda. Soak the cloth in the castor and put it on the area. Cover with the kitchen foil. Let the water compress. Wrap towel on the area to keep the warmt. After an hour rinse with water. Do this daily for more than 40 days.

This compress will also work for discomfort by varicose veins, liver work, pain, inflammation, digestion and PMS.


  1. Mix of castor oil and baking soda to whiten dark spots on skin
  2. Castor improves the skin so gently massage it and remove stretch marks.
  3. Heal burns, cuts, bruises
  4. Massage the scalp for hair growth and stronger hair
  5. Remove pilonidal cysts
  6. Massage castor on ankle sprains and injuries
  7. Add drop of castor in the eyes every day to prevent cataract
  8. drink 6 drops castor with water for 4 months and cure tinnitus
  9. drink 5 drops daily for allergies
  10. rub the oil on the neck to treat nodules in throat. Also this can thicken vocal cords.
  11. For conjunctivitis or allergy, rub the oil on the eyelids.
  12. Drop of castor in the ear removes wax plugs.
  13. Have 2 drops castor daily to remove nicotine of the body if you are ex smoker. Also fight alcoholism this way.
  14. Massage the feet soles to remove deposits of calcium and plantal calluses.
  15. One benefit of castor is better digestion so apply this on the belly to remove diarrhea and constipation.
  16. Relax with massage with castor oil and lavender – for hyperactivity
  17. Put this on the back for curing cervical and lumbar pain
  18. Remove fungi off the skin like athlete’s foot
  19. Rub castor on warts every day for a month
  20. Also use this on red moles
  21. Rub it on the chest daily to stop snoring
  22. Castor and baking soda alkalizes the body and fights chronic illnesses
  23. Use 1 drop castor and baking soda to alkalize the body and cure chronic issues
  24. Use drop of castor on bug and insect bites to remove itching and inflammation.
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