Mix honey with this ingredient for extreme immunity boost

Starting the day with a teaspoon of honey has always been a cure for immunity boost, but if you mix honey with black seed, you can further protect the body from bacteria and viruses.

Mix honey with this ingredient for extreme immunity boost, acne and cellulite

Black seeds have been used for years in traditional medicine in India and North Africa. They called it the spice with thousands of healing properties that cure everything except death. This spice was discovered recently by doctors of alternative medicine, immunologists and pharmacists.

immunity boost

When you mix black seed with honey, you will receive a balm for the body that is useful for strengthening the immune system and is a good treatment for many diseases and it helps for immunity boost.

This medicine reduces the increased blood pressure and thus contributes to the healthy functioning of the cardiovascular system. It contributes to the health of the lungs and upper respiratory system, and has proven useful for treating bronchitis.

You can also treat acne, abdominal pain, cellulite, cold, joint pain.


You can easily prepare the mixture yourself, and it is enough to crush the seeds and mix them with honey. It is recommended to consume one to two small teaspoons each morning on an empty stomach or before breakfast. This honey must be indented with a wooden or plastic spoon. If the mixture is strong, then you can drink warm tea.
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