5 Foods You Need To Put In Your Breakfast To Speed Up Metabolism and Help You Burn Belly Fat

You know how experts say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Well, it really is. Our breakfast should be rich in nutrients as it prepares our body for the rest of the day. It affects our body in many more ways than you can imagine and by following the list of tips you can see below in your breakfast rituals, you will burn belly fat and improve your health.

These breakfast tips will boost your metabolism and will help you burn belly fat better than anything else:
1. Replace Sweet with Savory
We all like sweet breakfasts, be it a cinnamon roll, muffins or some type of sweet bread. However, the sugar in these foods will quickly raise your glucose levels and cause a crash later.

It’s a dangerous road that ultimately leads to diabetes, which is why you need to switch to savory meals for breakfast. They will keep your blood sugar levels in check and prevent a range of problems later.

2. Add Some Protein
Want to bust up all the excess belly fat? You need to add protein to your meals, especially for breakfast. When our stomach is empty, it releases a hormone known as ghrelin which then sends a signal to the brain telling it’s we’re hungry.

The brain then orchestrates the release of gastric acid which helps digest food. So, if we want to burn fat, we should control the ghrelin secretion, and that can be done with the help of protein.

You can add some protein to your breakfast by consuming eggs, a cup of yogurt or add a scoop of protein powder to your smoothie. This will rev up your metabolism and help your body burn fat faster.

3. Add Some Fat
If you want to stay full for a longer period, adding healthy fats to your breakfast can help. This will give you all the energy you need during the day and keep your metabolism active.

Healthy fats can be found in avocado, almond butter, flaxseed oil, coconut oil, and various nuts and seeds. Add any of these oils or foods into your breakfast and your body will bust all the excess fat.

4. Veggies
To speed up the weight loss process, vegetables are a must. Most vegetables are full of fiber and other essential nutrients that will boost your metabolism and bowel movements.

Add a serving of veggies for breakfast (2 ½ cups recommended) and you will improve your metabolism and raise the chances of losing substantial amounts of fat.

If you’re having eggs for breakfast, add some onions, chili peppers or spinach into them. Vegetables can improve our health on many levels, so try to eat more of them.

5. Steel Cut Oats > Rolled Oats
Steel cut oats are less processed than the oats roller in flakes, therefore they’re healthier. Steel cut oats are full of essential nutrients which will keep you full for a longer time and boost your metabolism as well.

This will help you to burn belly fat faster than before and keep your glucose levels in check at the same time. This makes steel cut oats far better for losing weight, so if you want to slim down, stock up on steel cut oats at the market
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