Motivation, dedication, determination, and huge changes in the lifestyle are always required if you want to lose weight, and therefore it is never easy.

If you need to lose over 50 pounds this is especially true, but you need to know that it is not too difficult to get started.

Yet, as the fight against the excess pounds will be tough at times the first thing you should do is to become mentally and emotionally prepared, and you need to focus on your goal. Therefore, you need to keep the following things in mind:

Lose weight because you love your body
You need to become aware of the beauty of your body and work to improve it even more. The negativity won’t lead to a positive outcome if you start dieting and exercising just because you detest your body. Instead, change your lifestyle because you love your body and want to improve its state.

Make sure you always have real goals and start small. One by one, gradually change your habits, and thus during the process of losing the extra weight, you will remain stimulated.

There is no such a thing as a “perfect” time to start.
If you are seeking for a perfect moment to start, there will always be some important dates, vacations, birthdays, holidays, and so on, so you will just postpone it. You need to be prepared to sacrifice, and go for it!

Losing excess weight is a full-time commitment.
You cannot take the weekends off and follow the weight loss regiment 5 days a week only if you need to lose a lot of pounds. Instead, this fight requires all your time and patience.

There will be mistakes.
You need to accept the fact that you will make mistakes, and just move on. A slip on occasion won’t make sure to get back on track as soon as possible.

The following 14 tips will help you to start your weight loss regimen:

Start with something you like
In order not to give up you should ease the things at the beginning. Increase the intake of your favorite vegetables, or start biking if you like it.

Move more
Stop sitting and move! Take the stairs, walk the children to school, go on a walk instead of having a dinner with a friend, and replace movies with more active plans. You will burn more calories in this way, and you will accelerate weight loss.

Make food switches
You should start eating whole fruits, grains, vegetables, and meat, instead of packaged and processed foods, which are full of calories, sugar, fat, and salt, preservatives, and additives.

Eat smaller portions
You should eat smaller portions to control the amounts of food you consume. If you are still hungry afterward, drink a glass of water, and wait for 20 minutes.

Add new habits prior to taking the old ones away
Instead of taking the old practices way it would be much easier to add new, healthier habits first. For instance, take a short walk after your dinner, or add an additional glass of water a day.

Avoid carbs in the morning
You probably have low (or non-existent) insulin sensitivity in case you have 50 pounds or more to lose. This means you should not consume carbs for breakfast, and focus on vegetables, healthy fats, and protein.

Also, you will sleep better, and you will support weight loss if you add a small amount of non-processed carbs in the dinner.

Enjoy your meals
You need to slow down a bit and pay attention to every bite you chew. This will help you to enjoy the meal and it will provide enough time for the digestive system to process the food well.

Increase the intake of vegetables daily
As they are rich in fiber, minerals, and vitamins, and low in calories you need to increase the intake of vegetables, especially leafy green ones. Therefore, add an extra serving each day and enjoy their benefits.

Drink your coffee sugar-free
Due to the consumption of sugar, our bodies suffer a lot, as it spikes insulin levels and causes the accumulation of fat in the body. Therefore, make sure you completely remove it from your diet.

Offer to bring something to dinner
When you go to your friends’ house, bring something healthy, so you will ensure your low-calorie snack.

Cardio and strength training
In order to get the desired effect you need to combine the benefits of cardio workouts, which burn a high amount of calories, but strength workouts, which build muscle, accelerate metabolism and strengthens joints.

12.Limit your alcohol intake

Alcoholic drinks just add up additional calories, so you need to limit their intake.

Get a healthy sleep
The body is in a stressed-out state all the time in the case of sleeping difficulties, or a sleep deprivation, leading to constant fatigue and poor dietary habits.

When the body is exhausted, the body craves for food as a way to create fake energy. Therefore, make sure you sleep at least 7-9 hours every night.

Drink more water
Dehydration is a common issue, and it causes fatigue and the accumulation of fat. Therefore, avoid all other drinks, and drink plenty of water during the day.

This will energize the body, keep you full, and reduce the sugar intake.

Therefore, even though losing much weight is quite challenging, it is far from impossible. You need to stay determined positive, and focused, and the effects will be noticeable very soon!
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