How To Reset These 5 Hormones To Get Rid Of Excess Fat

Nobody wants excess fat hanging around the waist. However, for many people, it is actually the first place it goes as well as the last place it leaves.
You should not lose belly fat just to look better because carrying that extra weight around your abdomen isn’t good for your health. In addition, carrying extra weight around your abdomen may be a sign of a hormonal imbalance.

These Hormones Affect Your Weight Loss Efforts
1. Controlling Growth Hormone
Your growth hormone affects each cell in your body and has a great effect on your appearance, actions, and feelings.
Additionally, this hormone is released while you are sleeping and exercising.
It is vital for healthy body composition, bone density, muscle building, and tissue repair.
In addition, a 2007 study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism showed that belly fat in postmenopausal women could be associated with increased inflammatory markers, low growth hormone secretion, and the elevated likelihood of cardiovascular disease.
2. Regulating DHEA Levels
Your adrenal gland can naturally produce a hormone known as DHEA, which has a great impact on all systems in your body.
Furthermore, this hormone affects your body’s ability to gain muscle and lose fat.
It can also boost your libido and help you feel energetic, motivated, and youthful.
3. Regulating Cortisol
Whenever you experience stress, your body starts releasing the hormone known as cortisol.
Cortisol is not harmful to your health if secreted in small doses.
However, in case you suffer from chronic stress, increased levels of this hormone over time may result in mood, memory and sleep problems.
This may also result in abdominal obesity.
4. Increasing Testosterone Levels
Testosterone is actually a male sex hormone that can affect your sex drive.
That’s not all, it also plays a role in sperm production, hair growth, and muscle and bone health.
Your levels of testosterone can decrease as your belly fat transforms it to estrogen, and also with elevating stress.
Furthermore, other symptoms of low testosterone levels include reduced motivation, drive, stamina and strength; and a loss of muscle tissue.
5. Regulating Estrogen Levels
In fact, estrogen dominance occurs when your estrogen levels are at a higher level compared to other sex hormones, especially progesterone.
Signs of estrogen dominance include breast cancer, headaches, irregular periods, fibrocystic ovaries and breasts, and obesity with fat accumulating in your mid-section.
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