How To Keep On Top Of Your Workout Routine When You Are On Vacation

Holidays are great, everybody agrees with this. A holiday takes you away from the chaos of the regular days and gives you some time to relax and enjoy yourself. Unfortunately, this means that you will not be able to go jogging like you usually do or perform the workouts that you usually did because you will be far away from your home. We understand this perfectly, which is why we have comprised a list of tips here on how to keep on top of your workout routine when you are on vacation. Here they are:

Design a special workout
One of the first things that you will notice once you go abroad is that the hotel gyms are not packed with the equipment that you will need if you are a fitness junkie. The gyms they have are mainly designed for beginners, which is why you have to design a specific workout routine for your body before leaving. This can be an easy one that is designed to keep your body in check until you get back to your gym.

This workout should contain pushups, squats, single leg thrusts, and any other kind of exercises that will help keep your body in shape. They can be done anywhere, in a hotel room or in a gym and you don’t need to pay extra in order to do it. This kind of workouts is perfect for vacations.

Cardio workouts
Cardio workouts, like the previous ones described here, can be done anywhere, in a hotel room or in a gym and they require little to no money. In order to keep in shape, you can look up on YouTube or on other platforms for cardio workouts that last anywhere between 30 minutes up to an hour and follow the exercises described by the instructor. This is not only cheap, but it is also healthy. You don’t need lots of expensive equipment and a room full of sweaty screaming men to keep your body in shape.

If you do not want to follow a routine, you can always design your own cardio workout. Some examples of the exercises you can perform are high knees exercises, plank jacks, bicycle crunches and more.

Jogging is one of the easiest physical exercises that you can do and that can be done anywhere. You only need proper clothing for jogging and an iPod or an MP3 player for music. You obviously need to know the area quite well to make sure you don’t stumble across bad neighborhoods or to make sure that you don’t get robbed. But overall, it is a good exercise, especially if you go to places near parks. For instance, if you visit New York City, Central Park is a great area for jogging. It’s safe, close to the central part of the city and most people go there for this exact purpose so you will not feel weird.

Pull-ups can be done anywhere and they are extremely effective because they work out your whole body. All you have to do is look for a sturdy branch of a tree or a building overhang and do pull ups on them. Make sure that they are sturdy enough and that you will not hurt yourself in the process, especially when it comes to trees. At the same time, you can also look for public parks or school playgrounds or a patch of land where you can skip rope, do push-ups and pull-ups and more. You should be prepared for weird looks from people though.

Vacations are great for relaxation, but they can have a negative impact on your fitness routine. The exercises we described above can be done anywhere which means that you are no longer confined to your hotel’s gym, which most of the time will be underequipped for fitness lovers. You can use the area you are in to find places where you can improvise a workout routine such as a park or a school playground. You can also stay in your hotel room and work on cardio exercises. And don’t forget that it is possible to stay in shape while traveling!

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