5 Easy Solutions to Make Your Nails Grow Faster

Women just love having long and beautiful nails , but sometimes this remains just a nice dream. Nail issues such as exfoliation, slow growth or weakness are the main things that a woman wants to erase from her life. We suggest you five solutions that will help your nails grow faster.

The way in which your nails grow can be caused by various factors such as an unhealthy diet, a humid climate, excessive washing of your arms and using too many chemicals. Try to consume foods rich in vitamin B12, iron, calcium and zinc such as sunflower seeds, fish, walnuts or chicken.

Proper care
Do your manicure with regularity and always apply a tiny layer of polish. This procedure helps your nails grow faster.

Nails growth treatment
Use a natural ingredient in order to stimulate the nail growth. You can opt for natural oils such as almond, olive, flaxseed or lemon juice.

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By massaging your hands with a moisturizing cream every evening before going to bed you improve the blood circulation and implicitly you determine your nails to grow faster.

Blood flow
Use your fingers as much as you can by performing different activities, such as painting, gardening, playing the piano etc. In this way, you will stimulate the blood circulation and your nails will grow faster.

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