10 Healthy Soup Recipes For Weight Loss

So what are these healthy soup recipes for weight loss that is healthy and can get you result. Well, Many people are getting on various weight loss programs in an aim to get in shape and while others may decide to take up a particular workout regime many still choose to take up an eating program that will effect the necessary weight loss.

A good healthy soup recipe is one way to burn some of that fat off your body, there are multiple weight loss soup recipes that you can choose from but here we discuss 10 healthy soup recipes that will help you lose weight.

1. Hot and Sour Cabbage Soup

Getting your metabolism up and running with this yummy healthy weight loss soup is key for those much desired results. A soup that is tasty and gives the necessary health benefits such as keeping your blood sugar stable. A good soup is incomplete without a touch of protein, the addition of a chicken breast to the soup ensures you have your share of protein covered.

2. Creamy Cannelini Soup with Miso Kale

If you are a sweet tooth like many then this soup will help nix that craving. This is not your usual white beans soup but with an extra touch of sweet and savory kale marinated in garlic and miso paste making for a good and healthy soup recipe for any sugar lover.

3. Butternut Almond Soup with Fennel and Popcorn

Get your dose of fiber with this creamy soup that combines the right ingredients of coconut oil, dried thyme and med butternut squash and others making for a tummy filling meal that is perfect for your weight loss.

4. Crock Pot Black Eyed Peas

Vegans are not left out with this soup recipe that gives you a good touch of protein with the black eyed peas that complete the soup. If you are looking for a soup that does not only taste good and help you lose weight then this recipe is the ideal one as its celery onion and carrots add the flavor that leaves your mouth watery.

5. Easy Chicken and Rice Soup

On the weight loss journey many totally discard chicken for fear that it will add to their weight but this recipe lets you have some chicken in your weight loss soup. This is a fat burner soup that can be easily prepared on that quick lunch time break. Many eat chicken on their “diet cheat day” but this recipe helps you have a taste of chicken while you lose weight.

6. Minestrone

This soup lets you have your daily dose of your fruits, many people find it hard to consume fruits on daily basis but this healthy soup recipe lets you have a combination of various fruits in your soup; you can have your apples, bananas and watermelon at a go. Get the value of a healthy fruity meal in one bowl of yummy soup.

7. Clam Chowder

This light prepared soup is not your ordinary weight loss soup as it is lightly prepared with milk which gives you all the health benefits of milk such as vitamin D, your calcium and healthy teeth among others. This is your easy to digest meal that provides all the yummy you need while you lose weight.

8. Mom’s Chicken Noodle Soup

The feeling of a meal cooked by mum, with the warmth and the soothing love encapsulate in one bowl of soup that gives you all the benefits of a weight loss meal. This meal gives you all the sodium you may need and is better than your ordinary chicken soup with its chunky vegetables, shredded chicken and a light touch of salt giving you that much desired sodium.

9. Split Pea Soup

Fiber, vitamin B and many other nutrients make this soup stand out among many other weight loss soups. This gives a combination of ingredients giving you that weight loss benefit in one single bowl of soup. On winter day, this meal will warm the very depth of your soul with its perfect combination of split peas, ham and vegetables while helping you lose weight.

10. Italian Sausage Soup

Everyone loves a good Italian job done on a good Italian soup, this meal combines pasta, meat and vegetables. It is heartwarming and can be consumed for diner with its thick texture and just the right combination of ingredients that tickles your pallet the right way. This soup is the right fit for the fat burning you need while pleasuring you taste grands and filling your tummy.


Finally, weight loss in a bowl filled with that heartwarming and pallet soothing soup that fills your tummy, and gives you that fat burn is what the above weight loss soup recipes give you with all the benefits of a healthy meal

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