Losing Weight With Water

Losing weight with water? It might sound impossible, but if you have been struggling to lose weight the missing ingredient might be water! A very important step of this process is making sure to drink water. Our bodies are made of 70% water and we lose a lot of water during the day. This means that they require plenty of hydration, to replace the lost water in a sufficient way.

In any journey to losing weight, water is the first and most important step. It helps our body burn calories much faster by increasing the speed of our metabolic process. It also helps cleanse the body from waste and toxin and can act as an appetite suppressant. So it should come as no surprise that losing weight with water is not only possible, but highly beneficial.

By consuming coffee and refined foods like canned food, carbonated drink and processed oils we alter our body’s pH levels. It becomes acidic. Water can counteract this by decreasing the level of acidity. Also, it flushes out many toxins that may accumulate. Dehydration can have serious consequences. Headaches, fatigue and sugar craving are all signs of dehydration. What are some steps you can take to ensure that you are drinking the recommended daily amount of water? That is the amount that is necessary in order to keep yourself hydrated and encourage the process of losing weight with water as well.

You can get thirsty at any time during the day so you should always have a bottle of water with you. Carry it wherever you go and drink frequently during the day. Losing weight with water is encouraged by drinking a glass before every meal. This can greatly reduce your appetite. If you slightly full, it will help you eat less and you will consume fewer calories. This can greatly improve weight loss results. There are studies that have shown that drinking water before each meal increases the weight loss by 2 kg over a 12 week period. Another study involving overweight and obese participants showed a 44% increase in weight loss in comparison to a group who did not drink water before every meal. *

Another way to boost your metabolism is by drinking ice cold water. This helps the process of losing weight with water since your body has to work harder to warm the water up. This results in a larger number or calories burned, helping you lose more weight. therefore burning more calories and helping you to lose weight. Another advantage is that drinking ice cold water is much more refreshing than drinking water which is at room temperature.

Adding some flavor to your water is also a good idea. Citrus fruit such as lemons or limes can be great to use for this purpose. Cucumber is another great choice, because of its high water content and mineral balance. Simply cut them into slices and add them your bottle of water. If that is not to your taste or you dislike plain water you can also add a flavor of tea and instead, drink that during the day.

The color of your urine can reveal a lot about your health. This includes your hydration levels. If you’re well hydrated, your urine will be very light yellow, nearly clear in color. The darker the color, the more you will need to drink. Keeping your hydration levels high is the key to losing weight with water.

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