Healthy Snacks While You Are on a Diet

Now that the new year is already here, a lot of people have set personal resolutions for themselves. And in most cases, these personal resolutions have to do primarily with obtaining that dream figure. However, that has to do with losing weight in order to get in shape and become fit. Let’s talk about healthy snacks.

Healthy Snacks While You Are on a Diet

According to research, getting fit is the second most difficult New Year’s resolution to accomplish, the first being giving up smoking. But why is it actually so hard? Many of the people simply don’t have the will to do it. And, even if they do keep on going to the gym, their food plan is rarely changed. This is because one’s eating habits are really difficult to change and if you enjoy eating sweets and pastries it would be more than hard to change that. The problem is even more tough to deal with while on the workplace. When at the desk, for example, it is way easier to grab some bagged junk foods than to actually eat something healthy. And this is what ruins the whole diet. However, one can stay ‘full’ and at the same time eat healthy. Here are a couple of advices.

Do not mistake thirst with hunger
It sounds a bit odd, but it’s actually quite common. Many people can’t really determine whether the feeling they have is one of hunger or thirst. And even if its thirst, it is often mistaken for hunger, which leads to eating, while the stomach is actually full. To avoid this, keep your body well hydrated. Drink plenty of liquids, preferably water. Avoid sugary, carbonated drinks. You can’t go wrong with water. After all, it does have zero calories. Or, if you want variety – seltzer water with ice and lemon or lime. It is especially refreshing during the summer.

Low fat everything
Essential point to any diet. Whatever you will be choosing for your everyday meals, be sure to pick its low-fat alternative. Whether it is milk, yoghurt, mayonnaise or something else. They basically have the same taste (sometimes even better) but with less calories.

Say NO to pastries
Dough, along with sugar, is the biggest cause for putting on weight and for keeping the excess fat on your body. Sure these dough-made products are easy to buy, need no preparation and are basically the ideal snacks in times of hunger, but you will need to ask yourself whether they are the best choice. And they most certainly aren’t.

Fruits galore
What can beat a nice tasty fruit? It is healthy and natural. A win-win situation. Regardless of what your fruit of choice might be – apples, bananas, pears, peaches, etc, you will make a smart choice. What’s good about fruits is that they also are juicy, which means they are good thirst quenchers. And if the idea of just gnawing on a piece of fruit sounds boring to you, experiment by making yourself fruit salads.

Lots of veggies
Rich on vitamins, very nutritious, easy to find and relatively cheap. What more can you want? However, unlike fruits, you wouldn’t just gnaw on a tomato or a pepper. Prepare for yourself different kinds of salads. You can add cheese or nuts to them in order to experiment.

Oats and nuts are great healthy snacks
Walnuts, peanuts, almond, pistachios or a mix of them. They all make a great snack while on a diet. Especially when you are at the workplace and don’t want to make a mess with sandwiches.

Even a handful of nuts is sure to make you feel full. They are really nutritious healthy snacks. As for the oats…Everybody loves an oatmeal, right? Use it as an alternative to the cornflakes you have for breakfast, as they are healthier. And if you are stuck somewhere feeling quite hungry but haven’t prepared anything beforehand and want to grab something from the vending machine, choose a granola bar. Their mix of nuts, oats and dried fruits makes them really tasty. Plus, you can make your own granola bars at home.

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Bio: Amber Collins is a professional freelance writer and fun-loving mother. She is a fitness junkie and try to be creative in implementing different exercises in her daily activities as a housewife, such cleaning and arranging her Catford home . Her story of following her determination of staying fit and writing about it will inspire you. Her present article is dedicated on her own experience with dieting and ways to stick to it

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